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About The Painting and Award

One Heart Beat Painting

In eternity, from no beginning to no ending, there is the heart beat of life.

One Heart Beat, your heart beat, my heart beat, the common One Heart Beat of the whole humanity.

This One Heart Beat that all humanity shares has been demonstrated by a single stroke in Chinese ink symbolizing the Simple Truth that we, as one Global Family, are all interconnected by the common One Heart Beat. 


If any of our children in the world, in China, Africa, America, India or Canada, are hurting, we all hurt. 

If any children suffer, we all suffer.

If any child dies, part of us dies too.

All children, Chinese, African, American, Indian or Canadian, are all our children!

The difference between L-I-V-E and L-O-V-E is only one letter: "I" for me or "O" for others. We have to learn to Care for Others, Share with Others and Love One another. May our Living Lives become Loving Lives !

Truth doesn't have to be complicated; it can be manifested in one single stroke or act. 

The Simple Truth is that if we put our Love into action now, we shall have more Hope for the world.


Remember this: Love will Live as we all Live to Love ! 

One Heart Beat Award

Based on the original "One Heart Beat" passion and our common DNA, the upward spiraling movement of the One Heart Beat MDGs Award symbolizes the elevating power of our common Love and Hope to embrace our Global Family and to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 

This Award encompasses partnerships among the public and private sectors, the fields of education, art and humanitarian endeavors, on a global scale but at the local level.

Through this One Heart Beat MDGs Award, we are inviting everyone with a heart beat to partner with us to achieve Love, Hope and the UN MDGs.

The purity of its Heart-shaped Crystal represents the Purity of our Hearts' Commitment.

The colorful celebrating spirit of Purple symbolizes our Love and Passion, The Sky-Blue represents our common Hope for the world, And the Gold our Victory.

The Hand in Prayer and Treble Clef-shape of the Award symbolizes our Prayer to God and the Melody of Joy as we, as a Global Family, put Love and Hope into simple actions.

We are inviting everyone who has One Heart Beat to partner with us to Love, Hope and achieve the One Heart Beat UN MDGs.

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