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Ban Ki Moon,

Secretary General of the United Nations

"William Ho is truly the One Heart Beat Man."

H.E. Father Miguel Escoto Brockmann, M.M., President of the 63rd UN General Assembly

"William's art creations are like the angels surrounding us."

H.E. Sheikha Haya Rashed Al Khalifa,

President of the 61st UN General Assembly

"Mr. Ho, thanks so much for your words of Love and Hope which really re-make our hearts."

Amir A. Dossal,

Executive Director, Partnerships United Nations

"William Ho, who is an exceptional human being, is deeply committed to helping humanity across the world. His understanding of diverse cultural issues and his passion to create a better understanding across societies is a model for others to follow. I applaud Mr. Ho for his vision for One Heart Beat for the World"

Hanifa Mezoui,

Chief, NGO section,

United Nations

"William, from the bottom of my One Heart Beat I thank you so much. Your deep commitment to the MDG deserves to be brought to the international arena. With all my admiration and strength to continue your beautiful journey."

Queen Nana Sika,

(Kay Morris)

Berekuso, Ghana,

W. Africa

"As an artist, Mr. William Ho is a trail-blazer in the arts. Mr. Ho is a very dexterous and meticulous thinker who puts his heart and thoughts into the art pieces he creates, including the UN MDG Awards which convey his unique message of love, peace, and hope for ALL the children and people of the world.


As a humanitarian, Mr. Ho is an artistic, compassionate humanitarian. We share a similar passion towards humanity in support of our mission to Africa in aid of orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS. Mr. Ho is committed to healing the world and to bringing the global community together 'One Heart Beat' at a time, regardless of your demographics, color, or race.


As a friend, our friendship has been solidified by unconditional acceptance.

As a Queen, I deeply honour and value his loyal friendship. He is supportive, he is a motivator, he is an encourager, and more so, he has a very genuine personality. I can always call on Mr. Ho during my crunch moments for advice and he will make suggestions which often lead to positive solutions.

Congratulations and thanks for embracing me into your circle of friends as my kind friend."

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