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One Heart Beat

The Passion, Vision, Mission, and Action



The Passion

From my Heart

One Heart Beat is the passion in my heart responding to the reality that human beings are all brothers and sisters and we share a common Heart Beat.


Every life is precious, unique, non-repeatable and irreplaceable. One Heart Beat is the symbol of our privilege to live as one Global Family.

Lives can be the most beautiful masterpieces of art in the whole universe throughout eternity. 


The Vision

To the World

One Heart Beat around the World strives to ignite the hidden passion in all of us to see what others cannot, say what others dare not and do what others care not.


Love and Hope make our hearts.

Hope gives us Direction to live.

Love gives us Reason to live.

Let us give our world and the future more Love and Hope. 


The Mission

The Grand Concept

We see that, collectively and individually, human beings have the privilege and responsiblity to care for, share with, and love one another in out hearts, minds, and actions. 

The difference between L-I-V-E and L-O-V-E is the letter "I" and the letter "O".  May we live with love to care for Others, share with Others and love One another, so that all our Living lives will also become Loving lives.  We are all born to Love and to be loved in Hope. 


The Action

You and Me

Truth is simple and clear, like the One Heart Beat painting that was created in one stroke of Chinese ink.

The truth is that when we put our Love into action, the whole world will have more Hope. Through art and relief works, in a creative spirit, we promote and live the One heart Beat passion, vision, and mission putting them into action, as groups and individuals on a regular and continuous basis. Local plans and actions should be owned by the local communities as their needs are unique.  At the same time, we shall respect the original One Heart Beat Passion. 

From Love and Hope

Let's put our Love and Hope from our  Global Passion and Vision into

Local Actions, from Global Partnership to Local Ownership.

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